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Escrito por Paulinho Rosenbaum   
Sex, 13 de Março de 2009 18:17
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All you need is G-d...! that´s what the tropibritidish song says.

All the charedim need to recognize Medinat Israel are those two very letters: B & H: Beezrat Hashem. If this is all, so here they are.  Now seven million israeli citizens can sleep well at night knowing they are almost getting their kosher certificate.

But this is not all. The charedim need the Jewish State not to be called Medinat Israel, but only Eretz Israel. As if it would make any difference. But let´s say it does: something as the difference between  "America" and "United States". One is more poetic and the other is more reality. If so, than we have a problem: not all Eretz Israel is part of Medinat Israel today. Some places are still in arab hands. 

So why the brenthren who refuse to recognize Medinat Israel do not try to keep some Mitsvoth or stablish a charedi Yishuv in one of those spaces of Eretz Israel which is no more or still not Medinat Israel?

As simple as it is: because if it is not Medinat Israel, it won´t help this Jew if it is Eretz Israel. He will still be left outside. OK then. But what could we do about the repulse charedim have for Zionist symbols? 

We have to find something that will include them, or they will keep always the same mentality and it is not good.

The ideological research department of Tropicasher made a deep search and foud a name to wich both charedi religious and charedi chiloni Jews can relate: Let us call the country MEDINERETZ!

Right! Now everybody is included: those who only want the Medina, those who approve only the Eretz and the sane majority of the Jewish People, who like both.

Humm! We need now to create a symbol for Medineretz! Any suggestions? That´s Jew´s especialité...

I humbly suggest the present israeli flag, with the letters B"H in latin characters in the upper left side, same letters in Hebrew in the upper right side or just in the middle of the David Star, to give more glamour. 

Now everybody is happy.

Pessach Rosenbaum





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