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Dom, 11 de Abril de 2021 21:15
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Lord Paulinho Rosenbaum

Born in São Paulo, Sociologist at the University of Haifa, lieutenant of the Tzahal reserve. journalist, blogger, composer, stand up kosher and music producer.

Teaches Judaism with Brazilian style in the form of Concerts, Youtube and animated books and full of information straight from the source. Watch this interesting interview at Programa do Jô:

Lecturer in Spanish and English of Judaism with Tropical Flavor in Canada for immigrants. Website:

Life mission: bring a smile to people's faces and promote peace between cultures with humor and good faith.

Author and producer of hits such as JEWS IN SAMBA; ISRAEL, THE SAND THAT HAS TURNED HONEY; OSCAR 2010.

He was awarded the honorary title OF Lord in May 2020.

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