Feedbacks - O Funk do Faraó Imprimir
Escrito por Paulinho Rosenbaum   
Dom, 25 de Março de 2018 03:59
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You know it's always feels good to listen to some good music like yours. Keep it on and never give up.

Tamara Gold

Hello!  I know it's hard to be successful as independent but i can see that you have enough talent to make all your dreams come true!

I wish you all the best and stay blessed! We Fans will support you and I'll spread the word as much as i can!

Blessed beyond measure and happy to bless others!

Each day is a gift another day to get and give love to others and be thankful for even the smallest of moments!


Your tunes are simplistic. Easy to digest. Radio friendly.

I am a huge fan and have been since I discovered you.

I will continue to support you and recommend you to friends.

I appreciate the hard work you put forth.

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